Cooper’s Point is a marsh front community located near the Georgia Coast approximately 9 miles east of the I-95 Eulonia Exit (Exit 58) and approximately 8 miles east of the I-95 South Newport Exit (Exit 67).  It is approximately 49 miles from Savannah and 37 miles from Brunswick.
Cooper’s Point encompasses over 300 acres of high ground containing 517 individual lots, 36 single family dwellings and 16 condo/townhomes (as of 2017).  The north side of the property fronts Shellman Bluff Road.  The east side fronts the Sapelo Hammock Golf Course and lush marshes.  The south side of the property fronts expanses of marsh through which flows the deep water White Chimney River.  The marsh extends part-way down the west side of the property and the remaining distance to Shellman Bluff Road fronts a private 200 acre estate.

The Georgia Coast enjoys the tempering influences of the Gulf Stream, making summers cooler and winters warmer than inland areas on the same latitude.

Average Daily High By Season:
January: 61 Degrees / April: 75 Degrees / July: 90 Degrees / October: 78 Degrees

Average Daily Low By Season:
January:  42 Degrees / April:  57 Degrees / July:  75 Degrees / October:  62 Degrees 
Precipitation By Season:
January:  4.06 Inches / April:  3.11 Inches / July:  4.53 Inches / October:  4.57 Inches
Average Ocean Temperature in Winter:   57 Degrees

Average Ocean Temperature in Summer:  82 Degrees


Interstate 95 parallels the Georgia coast. If you are traveling south from Savannah, take exit 67 and turn south (left) on US Highway 17. Go  2.7 miles to Minton Road and turn left. Drive 2.8 miles to Shellman Bluff Road and turn left. Go  2.3 miles to the entrance of Cooper’s Point on the right.
If you are traveling north from Jacksonville or Brunswick, take exit 58. Turn east (right) and go about 1 mile to a blinking light at US Highway 17. Turn left and go about 2 miles to Pine Harbor Road (at the CITGO gas station). Turn right and go a couple of hundred yards and then turn left onto Shellman Bluff Road. Proceed about 6 miles to the entrance of Cooper’s Point on the right.


Savannah Hilton Head International Airport (SAV) is served by major airlines Air Canada, Allegiant, American, Delta, Jet Blue, Southwest  and United with nonstop flights to over 22 destinations including Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Charlotte, and Dallas.  The airport is located 46 miles north of Cooper’s Point right off I-95.  Brunswick Golden Isles Airport (BQK) is 34 miles south and is served by Delta Connection with daily flights to Atlanta.   Jacksonville International Airport  (JAX) is 89 miles south off of I-95 and is served by Frontier, Delta, United, American, Silver Airways, Southwest Airlines, Jet Blue and Allegiant Air.

MacIntosh County has a population of 14,000. The county seat is Darien, a town rich in history, located on the Darien River 19  miles from Cooper’s Point on Highway 17.  The town contains many small stores, including antique shops, markets, restaurants, banks, churches, library and service facilities.  Brunswick, St. Simons, Savannah, and Richmond Hill (a growing community a few miles south of Savannah) all have a wide range of shopping, entertainment, service facilities and industry.

The largest metro areas within easy reach of Cooper’s Point are Savannah (49 miles away / 366,000 population), Jacksonville ( 98 miles away /1,350,000 population), and Charleston (149 miles away / 697,000 population). The Brunswick metro area has a population of 114,000 and is 37 miles away.
Activities  in our area include golfing, boating, sailing, fishing, hunting, hiking, birding, bicycling, horseback riding, kayaking, beach-combing, shopping, dining, sightseeing, and the area is a favorite for history buffs.  The county has several marinas, four within a mile or two of Cooper’s Point. Private, pristine beaches are accessible by boat in McIntosh County, and the beaches of St. Simons and Jekyll Island are easy day trips. Sapelo Hammock Golf Club adjoins our property.
Close to Cooper’s Point is Harris Neck National  Wildlife Refuge, a 2687 acre refuge for wildlife and birds.  Harris Neck is a destination for thousands of birders and wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world.  It has a picnic area, hiking trails and fishing docks. Blackbeard Island National Wildlife Refuge occupies a 5618 acre barrier island in its natural state. It can be reached only by water and is about a 25 minute boat ride from Cooper’s Point. Most of the time you will have a seven mile long beach to yourself. The natural beauty of coastal Georgia provides inspiration for local artists and visitors alike.
The area around Coopers Point is filled with quaint, historical and interesting dining spots—-mainly featuring Low Country seafood. If you want to experience the true flavor of living at Shellman Bluff, dine with the locals at any of the restaurants. Click on Local Restaurants above for a complete listing.

Cooper’s Point has  350 feet of dock space on deep water. Our community dock is on the White Chimney River and is for use by Cooper’s Point  Property Owners.

Fishing has long been a popular sport in this area.  Close to Cooper’s Point, the Sapelo, White Chimney and South Newport Rivers, are just a few of the rivers that provide excellent fishing. McIntosh County has long been known as the Fisherman’s Paradise, with good reason.  Surrounding waters are home to hundreds of species of fish, including Redfish/Drum, sea trout, sheephead, and hundreds more.  Gray’s Reef abounds with King and Spanish Mackerel and Amberjack.  Other deep sea fish are found further offshore in the Gulf Stream.  Shellman Bluff is home to at least two major sport fishing tournaments. Fishing, crabbing and casting for shrimp from our community dock are popular past times. A fishing license is required.  For those who love both fishing and hunting, one license can be purchased to cover both sports.

Deer and waterfowl abound in the region.  Hunting season for deer is October to January, although the season may change from year to year, so check with local authorities. Some of the nearby islands are in the hands of private owners or the Federal government and bow hunting may be available on a permit basis.

Cooper’s Point is served by the Coastal Electric Membership Cooperative and The Darien Telephone Company, which provides telephone, hi speed internet and cable TV service.  Homes have septic tanks and water is provided by the community water system supported by Water Utility Management.


The nearest library, The Ida Hilton, is in Darien and is an exceptional library for a small community.  Brunswick and Savannah have excellent large public libraries as well.

Our New full-service Medical Clinic (Coastal Community Health Services) is located just outside the Cooper’s Point main gate. Brunswick is home to Southeast Regional Medical Center and Savannah is home to St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital and Memorial Health University Medical Center.  Veterans’ medical facilities are located in Hinesville, Brunswick and Savannah.
There are smaller family medical centers in Eulonia, Darien, Richmond Hill, Savannah, and Brunswick.  There are many private physicians in all surrounding counties.

The Darien News serves McIntosh County and is published weekly and is available via home delivery or e-edition.  The Brunswick News and The Savannah Morning News are published daily and are also available via both methods.
The legal drinking age in Georgia is 21.  Most area bars and restaurants serve alcohol until 2:00AM. Alcoholic beverages are sold in liquor stores, and beer and wine are sold in supermarkets and convenience stores as well.
There are 4 public schools in McIntosh County, all located in Darien. They are Todd-Grant Elementary, Oak Grove Intermediate, McIntosh County Middle and McIntosh County Academy (High School). There are several colleges in the area including  College of Coastal Georgia in Brunswick (3,400 enrollment), Georgia Southern (Armstrong) State University in Savannah (7,100), Savannah State University (4,100) and Savannah College of Art & Design (10,800).
Darien is the county seat  and and is home to all government service offices.  These offices include state police, post office,  and court services.  Circuit courts are located in Brunswick and Savannah.
The McIntosh County Chamber of Commerce serves as the business voice of the county and can be reached at (912)-437-6684 or www.visitdarien.com.
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McIntosh County has a rich and colorful history, dating back to the seventeenth century.  Scottish names abound throughout the county, evidence of the first settlers. The fertile delta area supported the great rice plantations that flourished before the Civil War.  Fort King George in Darien, built in the 1720’s, is a replica of the original fort and its remains can also be seen on the grounds. Content goes here[/learn_more] By the turn of the century, Darien had a major timbering industry, but the Civil War, the depletion of the large timber tracts, and a devastating fire brought this industry to a halt.  Then Darien began its quiet role as a pleasant river community and a commercial fishing/shrimping base.

As respects Cooper’s Point, we have our own bit of interesting history. The community is situated on land likely owned by Button Gwinnett, one of Georgia’s signers of the Declaration of Independence. Buddy Sullivan, local historian, educator and lecturer, offered to us his take of the land on which we reside:

“The colonial land grant records are extremely vague regarding the precise location of tracts granted in the years before the Revolution. Button Gwinnett owned a lot of land in this section of the coast after he came to America ca. 1760. I think he was a land speculator, i.e. like a lot of other people he bought land then turned it over for a profit. After studying the records and assessing the locations of various properties I feel pretty secure in saying that what is now Cooper’s Point is the Gwinnett grant. In fact, some years ago when the Cooper’s Point developers approached me about the matter I suggested the name “Gwinnett Point” for the development in recognition of the famous Button Gwinnett and his land there. They chose Cooper’s Point instead. I am not sure why. Something to do with a pirate or privateer named Cooper who supposedly frequented the tract in the 18th century. I had never heard of him and suspect it is a tale embellished by time, much like Blackbeard Island of which there is no evidence whatsoever that Edward Teach (Blackbeard) ever set foot there, much less “buried” treasure there.
Cooper’s Point of course is the tract on which the 19th century cotton plantation Traveller’s Rest was located as documented in my Early Days book. Acreage-wise it was one of the largest plantations in McIntosh County, owned for a time by William Cooke who also owned the adjacent Shellman plantation and nearby Creighton Island where he cultivated a good deal of cotton.”